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Company Profile

ARABIAN TRADING ESTABLISHMENT (ATE) was founded in 1998 in the Al Rams area in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates, with the sole aim of providing products and technical assistance for superior, durable and maintenance free, long life construction projects. We are committed to providing excellence in quality and 100% client satisfaction in the supply of materials in the construction industry. These objectives and targets were set from the very first day and we are pleased to state that we continue our mission, with the same spirit, to contribute a significant role in the country’s development.

ARABIAN TRADING ESTABLISHMENT is the sole distributor of Elkem Microsilica in the United Arab Emirates and the Sultanate of Oman. A clear statement of the success of ATE, is expanding from the few tonnes in the beginning to the thousands of tonnes currently supplied – such have we have been blessed by the Almighty Allah.

Amongst several other mega projects, the Burj Khalifa is a milestone in this work. We set the world record in world’s tallest tower with the world’s largest producer of microsilica.

ARABIAN TRADING ESTABLISHMENT enjoys the sole distributorship of EFACO Undensified Silica Fume. No other material can be substituted in place of EFACO Silica Fume, that’s why one of the world’s top admixture producers has been using it for more than a decade. The high quality and consistency of EFACO Silica Fume has been necessary for this development.

ARABIAN TRADING ESTABLISHMENT is always at the forefront with regards to the use of green products, reduction in CO2 emissions and achieving sustainability and we work hard to satisfy 100% of our clients requirements:

  • We have highly qualified and experienced managers with backgrounds in engineering.
  • We have teams of professionals in different disciplines.
  • The facility of our sister company, INTERTRANS AIR AND SEA CARGO.
  • ATE owns six huge warehouses to store thousand of ton of materials.
  • We have a branch office in Dubai.
  • Materials are always in stock to supply our loyal clients at very short notice.
  • We have our own transport fleet of 40 feet trailers and a 5 ton pickup, to allow easy delivery of any quantity.
  • ATE can provide the full range of services to readymix companies such as; clearance of documents; arranging transport to load the containers from port; arrange offloading equipment and man-power to offload materials at plant and return back the empty container to port.
  • Arrange samples and suggest mix-designs for laboratory and plant trials.
  • Arrange presentations/seminars with developers, consultants, contractors, readymix, precast and chemical companies • Provide complete technical brochures and data CDs.
  • Teach the EMMA programme (Elkem Materials Mix Analyser) to laboratory engineers / technicians to get best proportioning of materials in concrete mix designs.
  • Publish technical articles in leading construction magazines.


The information given on this web site is based on many years of supply and field experience and is accurate to the best knowledge of ATE. However, due to the numerous facts, ATE offers these information without guarantee and accepts no liability for any direct or indirect damage.

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